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This coming of age romance is about a gorgeous young barista is offered a job and an opportunity to change her entire life. She suddenly caught in the middle of a love triangle and now has to make a choice between the two men that she loves; Nick the young man thats been there for her from the start and Noah the man that wants to be her everything.

Cafe Love To Go is a whirlwind love affair that takes place on two hemispheres and concludes in an exotic locale where there's only room for one romantic ending.

"I turned the corner into the main lobby, which was deserted, except for a man watching me from the opposite hallway. It was too dark to tell who it was at first, but as my eyes adjusted I recognized the man as the head of accounting who walked in on the blouse fiasco earlier. I would have pretended not to see him had he not been watching me so closely, but he was just standing there staring at me, so I did what any sensible woman would do to flee an unwanted confrontation, and called up my girl Elsa (because you can’t harass a girl whose on her phone). I told her a bit about my first day, minus the blouse because I really wasn’t in the mood."

It first started with random disappearances, young, beautiful woman out for a night on the town. But, when colleagues working for rival news sources go missing, Joan Jeremy, Cable-TV News best journalist, discovers the awful truth behind their being snatched. She puts together an exposé that connects all the dots and details how the missing women are being forced to service some of the cities top executives. Her shocking story threatens to bring down powerful profiteers; the pimps, and ‘king pins’ of big city women trafficking. All of whom have decided to have Joan snatched of the city streets so that she can be put to work on the streets. 


"She strutted every ounce of, "What her momma gave her," and then some more, to make damn sure all eyes were on her. With seductive intent, she made her way down the busy block, in the direction of the main strip where everyone cruised back and fourth through the streets like a ghettoized version of the Detroit Auto Show."
A novel about a young woman who took money owed to her by the man that pimp her and unleashed a chain of events that revealed dirty secrets, lies, abuses and survival by the skin of your teeth in a ghetto where anyone can be... Whored Out.
Mature Audiences Only!

Considered half crazy after loosing her child at a makeshift campsite, an abused poverty stricken woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for surviving extraordinary odds works her side of an unwritten, unspoken agreement she has with a clan of anthropophagi’s living deep in Appalachian Mountains.  here to edit text.

Singer, song writer extraordinaire Tara Cexe had a problem several days ago. Her stalker got to close during super storm Roxanne. Now that the police want her for murder, she learns that the stalker is out for revenge, Tera and her lover are the only ones on his list, but anyone connected with her will do.

"... This is she... whom am I speaking to..? Hello..." 

Tara has a secret admirer. He has her on his mind and in his sight both day and night. Inappropriate or not, he calls Tara to remind her how much he missed her while she's away from him. The paparazzi's have no pictures of him, her fans have no idea whats going on, and she doesn't see the need to inform the police for fear of it getting out to the press and being used in a negative public relations campaign against her. Reasons enough why it is that in the middle of one of New York Cities worst super storm, multi-platinum artist Tara Cexe will get the opportunity to meet her stalker face to face. 50 stories above the streets of Manhattan, the battle that ensues leaves little if any opportunity for... Close Calls.

The people of Graveston Crater have a terrible secret. Every two years, when Mars nears Earth, the populace of Graveston head for the borders. Makes no difference what time of year it is, 98% of the town exit, leaving behind their homes, business and the lush green valley they call home. Graveston is best known for its history of unsolved disappearances, so town folk have little regret or care for the 2% that choose to remain behind. Unfortunatly, no one mentionted the towns self impossed biannual migration to a team of federal agents on assignment in Gravestons Crater. Read the mind numbing events that occur when agents exhuming bodies, victims of a copy-cat serial killer, come face to face with Graveston Craters impossible secret, the Dead Drag. 

Tiffany Chance loves to shop for herself. She is the epitome of a superficial materialist, Arrogant, overbearing, loud and selfish are some of the characteristic you might encounter if you happen to meet Tiffany. But soon after the kidnapping of a high schooler, Mrs Chance is forced to endure encounters with the living dead and a journey through time and space to a place where she inadvertently discovers the truth about the kidnapper and his murderous past. Read about Tiffany as she learns to put her concern for others before herself. She'll race against time, risk her own life in a midair rescue gone horribly wrong.

Helplessly negotiating time within the confines of a black monolith, straight from, what Tiffany believes is hell, she pieces a madman's past together. But knowing isn't enough save the kidnappers most recent victim. For Tiffany, life erupts from one floor to the next with catastrophic consequences. Will it render her little more than a chess piece, like a pawn in a game of life and death, courtesies of the Hellevator?

A serial womanizer, stalking woman at an infamous city bar, picks his next victim, who happens to be an off duty federal agent enjoying her night off at the bar. The agent ends up inebriated and in a situation that offers no escape, except one.

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